An ETH Zurich - ESPOL initiative

A collaborative research network for Safe & Resilient Infrastructures Through Monitoring

MARS - Monitoring for sAfe & Resilient Systems

Structural health monitoring offers a powerful condition assessment strategy for engineering infrastructure that involves the observation of a system over time using time sampled dynamic response measurements from a series of sensors, and extraction of key features to determine the current state of the system’s health.
This research coordination action between ETH Zürich and ESPOL seeks to broaden the SHM community and forge new partnerships able to tackle the scientific challenges that lie ahead, thus facilitating the advances needed to establish the fundamental theory of and expand the capacity for SHM methods for structures and infrastructures. The planned activities are intended to promote a diverse and inclusive research network that fosters transformative concepts and leads to successful research initiative

This effort is supported as part of the SEED Money Grants initiative